Force and Destideedles

Session 3
Lessons From The Past

Session 3 preface: Though the brave heroes of the Rebel Alliance fight against the Tyranny of the Galactic empire, countless worlds still tremble under the shadow of evil.

The Council of First Knowledge is one of the few orders of the Jedi Council to survive the Empire’s Hostile take over of coruscant. With few in numbers they work in secret, keeping their eyes set on the generation that can bring a balance to the force once again.

Now four promising new members journey to the city of Phelar on Eriadu to seek out the known scholar Ashur Sungazer and to possibly unlock the knowledge kept in artifacts of a time reduced to myth and legend…

Session 3 recap:

Our hero’s landed on Phelar the capital city of Eriadu, where they first called upon their contact Ashur Sungazer. Ashur told them to meet him at a cafe where they would discuss the artifact more in depth. He also informed them of the credentials they would need to get through to security. The party went to the marketplace where they each bought rebreathers except Nu’cu’ra who stole one for Kuko Riri. They then bought supplies and made professional looking ID’s to use when entering the archive. After eating a delicious lunch made by Kestn Kidi Gidd and Mew’Ducro they left towards the cafe. On the way they spotted an old man in trouble as he was beaten by Security Guards. Kuko Riri Lead the charge and threatened the guards to back off. After a scuffle one guard was left dead by Kuko and the other severely injured by Mew’Ducro who managed to force influence the guard in to pleading guilty to killing the other. Once the party managed to disperse in to the bustling city they met Ashur at the cafe who was astounded to hear of their finding of the Holocron and excited to tell the group about his findings. Once inside the archives they spent some time going through security measures as to not draw more attention to themselves. When they Passed security the party was introduced to Eren Garai who gave a presentation on the archives and questioned them about their studies. After leaving the presentation the group met Ashur in the archives where he had laid out the artifacts on the table. After inspecting them they discovered information on the Astral Jester and The Mandalorian war. When approached by Garai a second time Kestn Kidi Gidd managed
to charm him in to letting Mew’Ducro keep the Talisman. When upon putting it on she experienced an epic vision.

Heed The Call
Session 1 + 2

Force and Destiny
Episode 1 Heed The Call

The Jedi Order has been destroyed and knowledge of the Force is all but lost. Only a handful of people sensitive to the force remain, scattered across the galaxy, ignorant of their destiny.

Humble Scholar Hethan Romund has preserved a fragment of the heritage of the Jedi. Travelling the Galaxy, Romund stumbled across a number of people still strong with the force and offered them what wisdom she could. Now, Romund has been captured by Malefax, a servant of the dark side of the force. Compelled by Malefax to lead him to a lost temple rich in ancient knowledge, Romund has sent a signal for help…

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