Nu'cu'ra Kreeth

Kel-Dor Sentinel Artisan


Growing up in the Kel-Dorian technological society, invention and mechanics were not foreign to Nu’cu’ra. Identified as a prodigy from an early age, Nu’cu’ra spent most of her early years helping the other generations of her family with branching into some newer realms of invention, namely computers and navigation equipment.

Around the age of 10, Nu’cu’ra began to utilise the handy ability to move things with her mind; a feat that apparently none of her other family seemed to use. Upon spotting this activity one day while Nu’cu’ra was working, her mother, Pa’kun, quickly told her to keep such talents to herself, so Nu’cu’ra began using her power sparingly, only in places like her tiny makeshift workshop, where she knew she wouldn’t be seen.

Eventually, as Nu’cu’ra neared adulthood, her curiousity began to grow and her thoughts turned more and more to the stars. Living on a very isolated planet, in a very isolated lifestyle, Nu’cu’ra decided to pack her supplies, equipment, and inventions, and fly off with a starship as soon as she could.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Nu'cu'ra Kreeth

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